Restaurant & Pub

Savoury Bight Seaside Restaurant & Pub


Soup De Jour   $3 cup    $5 bowl
Changes daily


Westcoast Chowder   $4 cup    $7bowl
A rich and creamy chowder with salmon, snapper, clams and shrimp


Seasonal Greens  $5 sm    $8 lg
Served with your choice of dressing


Classic Caesar Salad  $6 sm    $9 lg
Tossed in our house made dressing


Enhance your salad
Grilled Chicken $4.25
Cajun Chicken $4.25
Chilled Shrimp $4.25
Sautéed Prawns $7




Garlic Focaccia     $ 2


Bight Caps     $ 13
Shrimp and crab stuffed mushroom caps baked with mixed cheese and served with garlic toast


Calamari    $ 12
Red onions, fresh tomatoes and served with spicy aioli & tzatziki


Wasabi Shumai $ 10
Steamed pork dumplings with pickled ginger, chilli oil and soya sauce


West Coast Oysters   $ 12
Served with a smoked salmon and caper cream sauce


Scallops and Pancetta   $ 14
Served with a roasted garlic, grape tomato marinara sauce served with garlic toast


Prawns and Prosciutto    $ 13
Prawns wrapped in prosciutto sautéed with onions, garlic and tomatoes finished with a splash of white wine. Served with garlic toast





All pastas are served with garlic toast


Chorizo and Chicken Penne     $ 19
Sautéed with onions, roasted garlic and finished with marinara sauce
and feta cheese


Prawn & Scallop Linguini    $ 22
Sautéed with pancetta and finished with a herb de Provence cream sauce


Mediterranean Primavera     $ 18
Linguini with roasted garlic, artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, spinach
and calamata olives
Chicken or Shrimp $4.25
Prawns $7







 Chicken Provencal      $ 20
Chicken Breast pan-roasted with garlic, grape tomatoes and onions


Savoury Chicken      $24
Chicken breast stuffed with shrimp, crab and brie served with a Herb and chardonnay cream sauce


Pan-Roasted Sockeye     $ 22
Wild salmon served with a lemon herb butter


Bourbon Street Snapper    $21
Cajun dusted and pan-fried served with a Jack Daniels, caper cream sauce and finished with fried buttermilk onions


Pan-fried Oysters    $19
Simply breaded and pan-fried served with a horseradish cream sauce


Peppered Pork Tenderloin    $19
Pepper crusted and pan-roasted served with a red currant jus


All of the above entrees are served with your choice of
chefs potatoes or rice pilaf
with seasonal vegetables



Duck Confit    $25
Tender and crisp duck leg served with a herb risotto and seasonal vegetables finished with a cherry jus


West Coast Stir-fry    $19
Prawns, Scallops and Chicken stir-fried with vegetables, shanghai noodles finished with our sweet-chili stir-fry sauce





Sterling Silver Premium Meats

All Steaks are cut from the finest Sterling Silver Beef Served with your choice or chefs potato or rice pilaf with seasonal vegetables


New York Steak   6 oz $ 21 | 8 oz $ 26
Char-broiled and served with our herb steak butter and a side of our house made steak sauce


Jack Steak   6 oz $ 22 | 8 oz $ 27
A Savoury Bight favourite. Grilled and served with a Jack Daniels jus and fried buttermilk onions


Classic Pepper Steak   6 oz $ 22 | 8 oz $ 27
Pepper crusted pan-fried and finished with a brandy peppercorn sauce

Enhance your steak with one or more of the following

Blue cheese butter $ 1.50
Sauteed Mushrooms  $ 3.00
Crispy fried Buttermilk onions  $ 3.00
Green peppercorn sauce   $ 3.00
Sauteed Garlic Prawns  $ 7.00




 Crispy Chicken Wings     $ 11
Hot, Sweet-Chili Soy, Honey-Garlic or BBQ


Deep Fried Zucchini      $10
With Parmesan and ranch dip


Shrimp Basket      $12
Battered Shrimp & Buffalo Shrimp. Served with cocktail sauce


Jalapeno Bottle Caps      $8
Served with ranch dip


Yam Fries     $ 8
Served with spicy aioli


Cajun Chips     $ 6
Served with ranch dip


Peppered Onion Rings     $ 7

Fries     $ 5


Nachos   $ 11 sm    $18 lg
Loaded with jalapenos, olives, onions and tomatoes baked with mixed cheese. Served with salsa and sour cream.


Add to your Nachos
Guacamole $2
Spicy Beef $4.25
Shrimp $4.25
Extra Cheese $2





All beef burger are home made from 100% ground Sterling Silver Beef. All burgers and favorites are served with your choice of soup, salad or fries. Substitute, caesar salad, onion rings or chowder $2 or yam fries $3

 Grilled Beef      $ 12.5


Deluxe Beef      $13.5
Bacon & Cheddar Cheese


Big Bight     $ 15.5
Jack Daniels BBQ sauce with bacon, cheese, mushrooms
and fried buttermilk onions


Steak House Burger     $ 15.5
Blue cheese, fried buttermilk onions and our steak sauce


Chicken Burger      $13.5
Cajun Pan-Fried or Grilled


Deluxe Chicken Burger      $ 14.5
Bacon and cheddar cheese


Mediterranean Chicken Burger      $ 14.5
Served with feta cheese, spinach and tzatziki


Salmon Burger      $15.5
Wild Salmon filet pan-fried and served with tartar sauce


Veggie Burger      $13.5
Pan-fried & topped with mushrooms

All burgers are served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a pickle


 New York Steak Sandwich      $ 17.5
6oz New York grilled and served with sautéed mushrooms, Fried buttermilk onions and grilled garlic focaccia



Chicken Strips     $ 13.5
Chicken tenders fried & served with your choice of plum or honey mustard sauce


Beer Battered Snapper
Served with coleslaw and tartar sauce
1pc $11.5
2pc $15.5


Breaded Oysters      $15.5
Served with cocktail sauce or tartar sauce


Fried Oyster Po’ Boy     $ 15.5
Deep-Fried Oysters with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a spicy aioli


Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy     $ 14.5
Battered and deep-fried shrimp with cocktail sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and onions